Laura Di Matteo, the rising star of women’s wrestling.



She is considered one of Europe's best female hopefuls if it were NOT the best hope. Star of the famous British promotions such as PROGRESS Wrestling or Pro-Wrestling EVE, she made herself known by her talent, her charisma and a very athletic wrestling. The city of Douai was the scene for the promotion « Catch As Catch Can » of the venue of Laura Di Matteo. Unknown to the locals but adulated by the purists, some have not hesitated to travel hundreds of miles to see their favorite wrestler. After the show that we had the privilege and the immense pleasure to ask the young woman some questions about her career and future goals, all in a friendly and good-natured atmosphere.

Hi Laura !                                                                                                                                                                                          Could you tell us how you arrived in the wrestling business ? Were your early days as a pro wrestler difficult ?

Five years ago, I decided to leave my family for London to learn wrestling at the PROGRESS School, I decided to go because for me the British wrestling was in vogue, it was the trend and the best thing that could happen to me. I was trained by Jimmy Havoc and these trainings were so difficul t: you missed a movement, it made you start again until you get there, some cried. It was so exhausting, my body could not stand it anymore but I realize that thanks to him I got very solid bases in wrestling and I can only thank him for that.

Would to like to wrestle for STARDOM ? Who would be your dream opponent in this japanese promotion ?

I would love to wrestle to STARDOM ! Many people often tell me that my wrestling style would be perfectly suited to the one taught in Japan. And it would be a very nice experience ! From a physical point of view, it's so different. My dream opponent ? (she thinks) It would have been Io Shirai, it became impossible with her departure to WWE, I would love to face her so much.

So, how do you feel after your first match here in France ?

It was great ! It was not the first time I fought in France. The first time I had the opportunity to wrestle in France, it was for the ABC in Béziers. Today, I really enjoyed the crowd's reaction, he was adorable. I was able to interact with several people after the show for dedications or photos, it was a great experience. I really hope to returnin

2019 will probably be some kind of a turning point for the British independant scene…Jimmy Havoc just signed with AEW, Mark Haskins signed a ROH contract ! And Pete Dunne, Tyler Bate, Toni Storm among others are on their way to become huge stars in the NXT UK Brand ! How do you feel about that ? And do all of these changes affect your personnal goals as a wrestler ?

All these changes that are taking place is a good thing. A few years ago, WWE was just an unrealizable dream but now this dream may be possible. You have to work, work hard to achieve your dreams and mine is to be in the WWE, that would be the best rewards for my fans and also for me, the hard work will have paid off.

In November 2018, you wrestled Shanna – a 9 year veteran on the european women's wrestling scene, and a big star here in France ! What did you think about wrestling her ? Was it an instructive experience ?

Three years ago, I faced Shanna for the first time at Pro-Wrestling EVE, according to fans, it was a great match! I was so happy to share the ring with her. There is an excellent chemistry between her and me. Our second clash in November was also good as the first, I learned so much from Shanna. Professionally speaking, she is the reference !

Before being known as « Laura Di Matteo » you were wrestling as « Elizabeth » : why did you become « Laura Di Matteo » ?

Elizabeth … I used that name only at PROGRESS, and thankfully. I hated that name, it made no sense. Elizabeth, that's the name of a mundane girl, I knew that name was nil. The fans were not interested in me … I had to change it imperatively. When I became Laura Di Matteo, I also had to change my attitude in the ring to fit this new name. From the moment I became Laura Di Matteo, everything was better all at once and I felt liberated.

As time goes by you're becoming one of the biggest names in some of the best british independant promotions such as PROGRESS Wrestling and Pro Wrestling EVE ! When are we going to see you as the champion over there ?

I have already obtained many opportunities for titles such as those of PROGRESS or EVE in particular. I've always been on the verge of winning them… Always working harder and one day, my luck will come, I am sure. I remember that on the side of the EVE I had a one year winning streak [from 2016 to 2017] but I never had a single chance for the title. Last October, the EVE promotion have introduced a secondary title called the « International Championship », I really hope to win the title !

2019 will be my year ! I want to win a title ! Whatever it costs ! I really want it !

 Could we see you in an NXT UK ring in the near future ?! It would be awesome to see you on a bigger stage against ladies like Toni Storm, Rhea Ripley, or Candyfloss !

As I said before, my dream is to go to the WWE, and NXT UK is of course part of my goals. I have already fought Toni many times. I faced Candyfloss not later than last week !

I would do my best to reach my dreams: work hard, do good matches, be the best. I would do everything to fulfill my dreams.

Would you like to face other french wrestlers ? Do you have a message for any of them ?

To be honest, I do not know much about French wrestling… I faced Anastasia today, she is a talented wrestler !

I hope to face other French wrestlers in the near future. It will be with joy to return to wrestle in France. I'll be back !

 What do you feel when some fans come to see you after the shows saying some very kind words to you ? That you help them through your matches, that you're some kind of an inspiration for them ? Are you proud of that ?

Meeting the fans is for me the best part of the profession of professional wrestler. Talking with them, taking pictures, doing book signings makes me really happy. I'm proud of it !

An audience like today's at CACC has made me happy, such a nice audience ! As I said, meeting the fans is really the best part of our job !



Let's finish this up with a bit of emotion now…Would you like to thank someone in particular ? People who changed your life ? Who helped you a lot ? Who helped you to become the talented athlete that you are today ?

I would like to thank Jimmy Havoc, I have already thanked him so many times but this man taught me everything, I am the one that I am thanks to him, I am so grateful to him.

I also thank my fellow trainers, I will not be the athlete that I am without them, Jimmy's training was so exhausting, we motivated each other not to give up, I will never forget those moments.

And naturally I thank my family, if they knew how much I miss my family. I thank my mother, even if she really does not like wrestling, she always supported me in my decisions, I thank her so much.

It is for these good times that I am passionate about wrestling. All these good times make me so happy !

This is how this interview ends. We thank Laura Di Matteo for giving us her time after her performance. The motto of this media is “Let's share our passion! it has made sense today. We wish Laura success in her career, winning titles and always share her passion in the ring as she does so well. Be proud to be a wrestling fan.

F*ck them up Laura ! 



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